• Ayham Bek

Turkey completes “project of the century”

Turkey has almost completed the project of the Black Sea-Mediterranean Road, which indirectly affects 50 provinces, including Central and Eastern Anatolia, Horde, Sivas, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras, Hatay. The project cost is about 1 billion Turkish liras. The road will play an important role in imports and exports to countries such as Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

The entire construction phase of the 600 km long highway in the Ordu province is almost complete. For the first time, the road that will connect the Horde with other regions of the Mediterranean was mentioned during the reign of Sultan Abdul-Aziz in the 18th century. Therefore, it immediately received the name “project of the century”.

The highway will have 25 tunnels of the same type with a length of 15 km, many bridges and 1 overpass with a length of 330 m.

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