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Construction of the roadway across the Canakkale 1915 bridge has begun

In Turkey, work continues on the construction of a suspension bridge across the Dardanelles, called “Canakkale 1915” – in honor of the historic victory over the interventionists during the First World War.

Recently, the construction of the roadway of the bridge has begun, which will connect the Gelibolu peninsula with the Lapseki area. The project will use 45m wide, 48m long and 700t mega-deck connections. They will be deployed using a Singapore-flag 106-meter Asian Hercules-III floating crane that recently arrived in Canakkale.

Upon completion of the installation work of the roadway, as well as after the elimination of external deficiencies and testing, the bridge will be ready for opening.

Canakkale 1915, also known as the Dardanelles Necklace, will be the longest suspension bridge in the world. The distance between its two supporting parts, according to the project, will be 2,023 meters – to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

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